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The Homeland Security Experts Group (HSEG) is an independent, nonpartisan group of homeland security policy and counter-terrorism experts who convene periodically to discuss issues in depth, share information and ideas with the Secretary of Homeland Security and other policymakers, increase awareness of the evolving risks facing our nation, and help make our country safer. The HSEG is co-chaired by former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and former Congresswoman Jane Harman. The HSEG, while independent in its operations and pursuits, is supported by The MITRE Corporation.


Michael Chertoff

Michael Chertoff

Jane M. Harman

Jane M. Harman


Keith Alexander

Keith Alexander

Charles E. Allen

Charles E. Allen

Stewart A.  Baker

Stewart A. Baker

Yosry A. Barsoum

Yosry A. Barsoum

Richard  Ben-Veniste

Richard Ben-Veniste

Peter  Bergen

Peter Bergen

William J.  Bratton

William J. Bratton

Philip J.  Crowley

Philip J. Crowley

Raj De

Raj De

José  A.  Freig

José A. Freig

Michael V.  Hayden

Michael V. Hayden

David  Heyman

David Heyman

Brian M.  Jenkins

Brian M. Jenkins

Jeh Charles  Johnson

Jeh Charles Johnson

Juliette  Kayyem

Juliette Kayyem

Terrence Kelly

Terrence Kelly

Cathy L. Lanier

Cathy L. Lanier

Michael E.  Leiter

Michael E. Leiter

James M.  Loy

James M. Loy

Christian Marrone

Christian Marrone

John  E. McLaughlin

John E. McLaughlin

Jeanne  Meserve

Jeanne Meserve

Lisa O.  Monaco

Lisa O. Monaco

Kirstjen M. Nielsen

Kirstjen M. Nielsen

Matt  Olsen

Matt Olsen

Eric T.  Olson

Eric T. Olson

John S.  Pistole

John S. Pistole

Dan  Prieto

Dan Prieto

Robert N.  Rose

Robert N. Rose

Jonathan  Spaner

Jonathan Spaner

Suzanne  Spaulding

Suzanne Spaulding

Jessica  Stern

Jessica Stern

Guy C.  Swan III

Guy C. Swan III

Starnes  Walker

Starnes Walker

William H.  Webster

William H. Webster

Evan D. Wolff

Evan D. Wolff

Juan Zarate

Juan Zarate



Janet A.  Napolitano

Janet A. Napolitano

HSEG Executive Director

Rob Walker

Rob Walker

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